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Q: Can I join BTZpowerline Free?
A: Yes, BTZpowerline is a free Pre-Launch marketing platform for BtzSuperHero, a program due to launch in October. You will be able to pre-build your downline with access to marketing tools like replicated website, splash, suggested ads, banners, webinars, etc.

Q: What can I expect from the platform?
A: We at BTZpowerline are a Team of individuals who have set out to build a long-lasting residual income using Teamwork, Duplication and Leverage!

Q: What does that mean?
A: It means that we work together to create massive duplication and leverage our efforts.

Q: How do we do that?
A: We do that by using the BTZpowerline Platform that does ALL the hardwork for us! All we do is share the System and the System takes care of the rest.

BTZpowerline is the only System you'll need to build your BtzSuperHero business. Join us free and see for yourself.

Q: How do I join the main program (BtzSuperHero)?
A: Once, you create your free account and login to your members area, you will find a 'Downline Builder' link where you will be able to create a BtzSuperHero account under your sponsor.

Q: Can I participate in the program if I live outside of the US?
A: Yes, we are as global as coins and tokens.

Q: Am I required to refer others in order to earn commissions and bonuses with BtzSuperHero?
A: NO, there is no requirement to sponsor in order to earn commissions. But you must have 2 personal referrals to withdraw earned commissions.

Q: Does your software features a 'follow your downline'?
A: Yes, a 'follow your downline' feature does not leave anyone behind as all re-entry are enter under the next open spot from left to right and it helps to create sales volume.

Q: How come my sponsors name is showing up on my site?
A: It's very common for this to happen since you joined under your sponsor's website and a memory code (cookie) remains in your PC for up to an hour.

You can delete your cookies (click on tools and choose Internet Options). Then close and open a new window and enter your entire URL (Affiliate website).

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